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What is Secure Attachment

People who have a secure attachment style are able to build and maintain supportive relationships – they feel connected to others, trust them and are comfortable being independent and allowing others to be independent within their relationship. A securely attached individual can reach out for support when they need it and can offer it inContinue reading “What is Secure Attachment”

What is Attachment?

Attachment theory focuses on how people form relationships with others.  Attachment is the emotional bond you feel for someone, so the reason you miss them if you haven’t seen them for a while.  It starts during infancy – being close to others is a basic need – you become attached to the person who caresContinue reading “What is Attachment?”


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Hi, I’m Ruth. I’m a mental health researcher at Middlesex University. I recently wrote a picture book for children with depression.

Hi, I’m Sonya. I’m a clinical psychologist I work both in the NHS and have my own private practice.

Here we write about mental health stuff in general.

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