What is Secure Attachment

People who have a secure attachment style are able to build and maintain supportive relationships – they feel connected to others, trust them and are comfortable being independent and allowing others to be independent within their relationship. A securely attached individual can reach out for support when they need it and can offer it inContinue reading “What is Secure Attachment”

What is Attachment?

Attachment theory focuses on how people form relationships with others.  Attachment is the emotional bond you feel for someone, so the reason you miss them if you haven’t seen them for a while.  It starts during infancy – being close to others is a basic need – you become attached to the person who caresContinue reading “What is Attachment?”

Positive Events Predict…

Life events happen to everyone – they’re the sort of thing you get on the phone to people about – “I just broke up with someone”, “I’m moving house” etc. They can range from something with a big impact like emigrating to the other side of the world, where pretty much everything is going toContinue reading “Positive Events Predict…”

It wasn’t me, it was my brain

You may not know much about the prefrontal cortex or think that much about brain development as a whole but the next time you find yourself screaming “STOP!” or asking exasperatedly “why did you do that?!” as your child shrugs their shoulders, you are directly experiencing the effects of dealing with someone with immature frontalContinue reading “It wasn’t me, it was my brain”

Repost: Signs Your Child Might Be Struggling With Depression

I recently wrote a blog post for Trigger publishing – they’re developing a mental health hub full of useful articles. They asked me to write about children’s mental health for Children’s Mental Health Week. Specifically something about the signs of depression in children. It’s not a straightfoward topic – no two children are the sameContinue reading “Repost: Signs Your Child Might Be Struggling With Depression”

Gold Star Award from Little Parachutes!

I am really proud to announce that Little Parachutes – an online library of picture books that help children cope with worries, health issues and new experiences (big and small) – has given Charlie and the Dog Who Came to Stay a Gold Star Award! This is only given to ‘the very best helpful pictureContinue reading “Gold Star Award from Little Parachutes!”

Food for (positive) thought

So… I’m not great at eating fruit. I buy it and watch everyone else eat it. I think it’s a great idea in theory but in practice I never quite find I’m in the mood. Apples annoy me. Don’t ask me why, but they do. Luckily my partner has instilled a great love of fruit,Continue reading “Food for (positive) thought”

Getting stuck on sticky thoughts

Since having kids, we have been kidnapped more times than I care to think about and I have been held hostage forced to make terrible decisions about their fates. My partner has to keep a watch out for giant birds swooping down to carry the children away and a friend of mine recently admitted toContinue reading “Getting stuck on sticky thoughts”

Sticks and Stones. And words too.

The book was due to come out on December 10th and as such I was busy doing my due diligence trying to get people to review it and hopefully recommend it. I had about 2 weeks to go before it was published, which as it turns out means I had about a week before itContinue reading “Sticks and Stones. And words too.”

Why Less is More This Christmas

This Christmas I’m not sure what to do about presents. I grew up in a household where the christmas tree was pretty much hovering off the floor because of all the packages underneath and that is before you even get to thinking about how generous santa was. I loved it and I want to passContinue reading “Why Less is More This Christmas”